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9 Simple Steps to Pack a Tobacco Pipe for Beginners | How to Pack a Tobacco Pipe

9 Simple Steps to Pack a Tobacco Pipe for Beginners 

Before you can even start thinking of packing the tobacco into your pipe, it is vital to first prepare it properly.  All kinds of tobacco are different; for example, if you are using loose cut tobacco, you may not need to do much since it can quickly get dozen through the pipe bowl, but if you chose some other type of tobacco, it may require extra preparation like rubbing it between your palm to ensure that it is smooth.

However, packing your pipe is not as difficult as most smokers perceive it to be, but this depends on the individual. This article seeks to give you a simplified process of packing your pipe correctly, clearing up any confusion or uncertainty that you may have.

4 Easy Steps to Light Your Tobacco Pipe | How to Light a Tobacco Pipe

To light your tobacco pipe, there are 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Pack your pipe with your favorite tobacco.

Step 2: With your lighter, hold the flame just above the tobacco for an instant char light.

Step 3: Draw on your pipe and slowly move the flame around in a circular motion over the tobacco to create an even light.

Step 4: Puff on your pipe periodically to keep it lit.