Softy Tobacco Rubber Mouthpiece Pipe stem Bits 4 pcs...The BEST!-The Original! Free Shipping! -Made In U.S.A.

The original softy bits.  Made in the USA.  Protects your teeth and your pipe stem.  Enjoy a cooler and more comfortable smoke.  A must for people who clench down on their pipe stems and for tobacco pipe smokers who have teeth issues.  Made from a proprietary formula for softness, durability, and comfort that will not irritate your lips teeth and gums.  A worldwide favorite of pipe smokers for over 90 years.  Helps keep a firmer grip on your pipe while in your mouth.  No more worrying about damaging your pipes.  Helps with preserving the value of your pipe for years to come. One size fits most all pipe stems from thin to thick and will stretch to the contour of your pipe stem.  Don't be fooled by cheap imported imitations, If it doesn't say softy on it, it's not the real thing!  Comes with a soft velvet pouch for storage.   Buy some now!  
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