Softy Bits, Protecting your pipe stems

SOFTY BITS, Protecting your pipe stems.

Smoking a pipe doesn’t just end at “lighting up”, it requires a little more work and preparation to protect your tobacco pipes from damage. Most smokers chew on their pipes. It is one of the realities of pipe smoking, no matter who you are. When people bit on their pipe, it either damages the pipe stem or their teeth. It is advisable to put a Softy Bit over the tip of your pipe stem Instead of continually hurting your teeth and marking up your pipe. This will make your pipe more comfortable in your mouth while protecting your pipe at the same time.

Acrylic and vulcanite also known as Lucite and Ebonite are the two most common materials used for a tobacco pipe, respectively. Over time, vulcanite can become discolored as a result of oxidation. This oxidation can also affect the taste of your tobacco, undermining the enjoyment of your smoke. Once oxidation sets in, it is difficult to stop. Your best bet is to replace the entire mouthpiece. As with vulcanite, acrylic also has its downside. Because acrylics are harder than vulcanite, acrylic mouthpieces are usually not so comfortable. A pipe’s mouthpiece is more commonly damaged by inadvertently biting down on it. This type of damage can occur whether the stem is made from acrylic or vulcanite.

Fortunately, this can be prevented by using a Softy Bit. Softy Bits are made of a proprietary formula for softness, durability, and comfort and slip over the end of the stem, and serves both as a protector to prevent stem damage as well as protecting the smoker’s teeth. These soft rubber bits are friends to both the pipe smoker and the pipe.  When placed over the stem of the pipe, they allow the user to bite the pipe stem without worrying about damaging their teeth or the pipe stem.  Some people find them easier to grip and more comfortable than acrylic or vulcanite stems, especially while driving. They offer more comfortable and easier grip while smoking, better than holding directly to acrylic or vulcanite stems. Softy Bits are designed to fit snugly over the tip of any pipe mouthpiece and to feel comfortable between the pipe smoker’s teeth.

What is more important is that they actually do a great job protecting your expensive pipes mouthpieces from having teeth marks while also protecting your teeth from damage.They are sold in different size pack quantities for your smoking needs and can be ordered directly from and can be re-used many times over before they are worn out and need replacing.

 If you have a tendency to bite holes at the end of your pipe stems, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Softy Bits are the solution to this problem.