Advantages of Using Softy Bits rubber tobacco mouthpiece protectors

Advantage of Using Softy Rubber Tobacco Pipe Mouthpiece Bits

There are many advantages to using Softy rubber tobacco pipe bits. These “softy bits,” as they are often referred to, are used to cover the end of tobacco pipe stems. They are used to protect a smoker’s teeth and also as a pipe stem protector to prevent damage to the stem of the pipe

Not all rubber tobacco pipe bits are created equal

The original soft rubber tobacco pipe tip (bits) have been around since 1930 and are made in U.S.A., they were called softy bits and are by far the finest bit made. For over 90 years many companies have tried to imitate the original softy bits but can not come close to quality that the softy bit company offers.  Some innovations have been made over the years with the original softy bits that have kept it the world wide industry leader in pipe tip protection. Softy bits have a proprietary formula designed for softness, durability and comfort that can not be beat. The range of pipe stem sizes vary greatly and so does the stretch and flexibility that the softy bit offers.   Because of the proprietary formula softy bits stretch and flexibility are like no other bit made, they fit almost all tobacco pipe mouthpieces except for the very very large and oversized.

Original Softy bit features

  • Does not taste like rubber in your mouth
  • Food safe formula, not latex based (will not cause latex allergic reactions)
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Great stretch and flexibility
  • Durability to protect and Preserves the value of your expensive and prized briar wood and vintage estate pipe stems

  • How to tell the difference between the original Softy bits and all others

    Original softy bits do not have a large oversized rim at the top.   The Original and authentic Softy Bits have a thinner and sleeker design which pipe smokers prefere.  Other pipe bits are thick and bulky and uncomfortable and taste and feel like your chewing on a piece of old tire. Authentic Softys have no taste and are thin and sleek and very comfortable to smoke your pipe with.  The other tell tale sign of a authentic softy bit is That the Softy logo is displayed on every piece (Softy Made In U.S.A. - ™) If it doesn't say Softy, it is not the real thing!

    If you have been using other rubber pipe bits and want to experience a completely different smoking experience, try the authentic originals, you won’t be disappointed.

    They Protect the Stem From Damage

    For pipe smokers who chew or clench on their stems (some of whom leave tooth marks), softy rubber tobacco pipe bits will offer the well needed protection which can prevent aesthetic damage or even the eventual necessary replacement. Whether one uses vulcanite (Lucite) or acrylic (Ebonite) stems, the cost efficiency (see below where to buy) of the softy bits will make it a worthwhile investment that could cut potential stem replacement costs and of course keep the end of the pipe mouthpiece looking new.

    They Offer Teeth Protection

    Chewing and clenching is extremely bad for your pipe stem. For the people who have a tendency to chew or clench their tobacco stems frequently, the bad habit can cause damage. This, unsurprisingly is not the case if a softy rubber tobacco pipe bit is used because the rubber is soft and can absorb much of the pressure.   In addition, if you clench regularly and have a TMJ problem, softy bits will help with the clenching problem and will cushion the bite and make for a more comfortable pipe smoking experience.

    Provide User Comfort

    The comfort level which the softy rubber pipe bits provides does more than just help those who clench or bite, as it offers users a comfortable addition to their pipe, especially for the (harder and therefore less comfortable acrylic stems). This can be particularly appealing to those who grip their pipe with their teeth – as opposed to with their hands. As an example, it would allow for a more comfortable smoke while driving, walking, hiking or anyone who works with there hands and holds there pipe in there mouth.

    They’re (Extremely) Cheap!

    The Softy bit company offers a variety of package sizes for all your pipe smoking needs. The piece price comes in at a very easily affordable price and worth every penny to protect your teeth and your prized tobacco pipe.  The bulk packages allow for keeping one on all your pipes and a few extras to keep in your tobacco pouch or stored with your favorite tobacco or in your pipe rack.

    They are small and convenient, durable, and of course easy to use. All these advantages to using softy brand rubber pipe mouthpiece bits have contributed to the success of the item and its long-term popularity among  pipe smokers. ( BUY ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC SOFTY BITS HERE)

    Alternatives to Softy Bits

    Some people have used various kinds of tubing as alternatives for softy bits.  For the very affordable price that Softy bits are, I find no reason to be putting any kind of automotive or electrical tubing in my mouth that's original purpose was for gasoline or some industrial purpose.  You should be very cautious of cheap imported tobacco pipe mouthpieces tips being sold, as you do not know what they are made of and will most certainly be made of cheap inferior and sometimes dangerous material. The cheap price will be inviting but not worth it when used as they are not made with the same material as the Original Softy bits are.  Cheap imports are not durable and will wear out fast and cause damage to your pipe stem. Also they have a very unpleasant taste. They also do not fit well and will contribute to more oxidation than the original softy bits will because more saliva will get under the bit from bad design. When in the market for rubber tobacco pipe bites, buy from the (original softy bit company), you won't be disappointed


    Some Quick Tips:

    For some of the larger wider tobacco pipe mouthpiece stems, dipping the softy bit in warm (non boiling!) water makes the softy bit even more flexible which allows it to be put on the larger stems more easily..

    Hopefully you manage to enjoy the benefits of Softy rubber tobacco pipe bits, whether you are a seasoned user or are choosing to get started now.  If you want to start using Softy bits but have pipes that have stems that are badly oxidized and in need of a good deep cleaning, here is the the best choices to bring your tobacco pipe stems finish back to a brilliant clean shine.  

    How To Remove Tobacco Pipe Stem Oxidation without any kind of power tools.

    One of the first steps in bringing that old estate pipe or your favorite prized possession back to looking new again would be to remove the ugly oxidation that has formed on your pipe mouthpiece stem.

    Vulcanite stems oxidize, turning a brownish green disgusting color caused by a reaction between sunlight and the sulfur in the rubber.

    Avoid exposing vulcanite stems to direct sunlight whenever possible, and wipe off your stems after each use.

    Preventive maintenance pays off if you can clean and polish your stems on a regular basis keeping them in nice clean condition and ready to smoke.

    • Obsidian Oil helps in preventing the development of oxidation and can be wiped on your pipe stem after you have cleaned and polished it.

    • One teaspoon of softy clean will remove oxidation on a handful of pipes. Let soak in the Softy Clean solution overnight.

    • After you have removed the stems from the Softy Clean solution rinse with warm water and dry with a paper towel.

    • The softy Clean will of now turned the oxidation on the stems to a cloudy whitish looking color and will need to be polished.

    • Use a clean old tee shirt or rag and apply a small amount of Softy clean stem polish to the rag and work it into the stem and polish off the remnants of the oxidation that has turned a cloudy whitish color.

    • Keep repeating the application of Softy Clean polish till you see a brilliant shine start to rise from your stem and your happy with the results.

    • With each application of polish you will remove more and more of the old oxidation and you will see it on the rag as you polish.

    • Finish up with a clean dry rag with no polish and keep hand buffing with the rag till all the polish is removed and you have a nice brilliant shine.

    Cleaning the inside of your tobacco pipe stem, (two available choices)

    One of the basic ways to clean the inside of your tobacco pipe stem would be to use hard and soft bristle pipe cleaners and a solution of softy clean pipe stem cleaner.  Soak your pipe stems overnight and remove from solution. Run a hard bristle pipe cleaner through the stem hole on you pipe stem and scrub till you can get as much tars and oiles out of the stem.  Rinse and repeat with a soft bristle pipe cleaner till no more tars and oils come out.

    Deep cleaning a tobacco pipe stem with a pipe retort

    What is a tobacco pipe stem cleaning retort?

    Also known as a volumetric flask, which simply is a glass reservoir  with a stopper and latex tube.

    The glass reservoir is filled with alcohol and the latex tube is slipped over the tip of the tobacco pipe mouthpiece and forms a seal.

    The alcohol is heated in the glass reservoir with a small flame (candle or sterno) and alcohol steam is generated and runs into the latex tube and then into the pipe stem and deep cleanse all the tar, resin and oils that have built up in your tobacco pipe mouthpiece over time.

    This method is ideal for deep cleaning your mouthpiece as it is quick and easy and the most through cleaning you can do to your pipe stem to clean and sanitize it.

    You would have to scrub for hours to achieve the same results with just pipe cleaners as opposed to using the tobacco pipe retort and accomplish the results in a matter of minutes.

    The tobacco pipe retort is also incredibly handy to deep clean your briar tobacco pipe bowl and shank.  It will refresh soured pipes and pipes with a stubborn ghost

    that will not go away (a faint hint of a old tobacco flavor that won't go away).

    Once your tobacco pipe mouthpiece is cleaned and the rest of your pipe is freshened up install a new Softy Bit on your pipe stem.  Pack a bowl of your favorite pipe tobacco and enjoy!